December 2, 2012

Advent activities

I know that some people choose to do a family activity each day during advent.  I've often thought this was a great idea in my head, but actually doing it proved to be difficult.  With four kids and a relatively busy holiday schedule I can't exactly pick out an activity to do 10, 15 and 20 days in advance, because likely we won't be able to do some of them.  And then, what's the point.  I don't want the kids to read one and get excited to (insert activity) and then I have to tell them that, "oops, not gonna happen sweetie".

Enter Adriel Booker (again).  She has a HUGE list on her blog (click on her name above for a direct link) of great activity ideas.  And, best of all, there are practical ones that we may actually do.

Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

I love seeing all of the fun elf on the shelf ideas that pop up on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  But, again, follow through isn't my best quality, and one day I'm sure our elf would return to the North Pole and not come back (likely because he would get sick of me hiding him in the refrigerator or other unimaginative place EVERY morning, but possibly because he would get lost and forgotten too).


Truth in the Tinsel has some great ideas on her blog for alternatives to the elf on the shelf, not to mention the whole Truth in the Tinsel looks like it may be a fun idea too!

What are your favorite Christmas activities to do with your family? 

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