August 31, 2012

Smart Cookie

And for the last post in this series... FOOD!

What kid doesn't love to come home to a good snack after a long day at school?  Or you could send it to school with him/her!  You could even put it on homemade cookies (even better, but do you want to make some for me?).

(click the picture for a link to it is what it is for a free printable)

August 30, 2012

Snap! Snap!

Back to School Photo checklist!  Make sure you have that battery charged and ready to go to document those first days!

Check this link for a great checklist of pictures to take!

August 29, 2012

The Letter

Glennon from Momastery does it again with a post titled "The Talk"!  A letter to her children before school starts.  A post that spread like wildfire!  For good reason though!  A letter about being brave, and compassionate and how we love our children!  Be sure to click the link to read her version of the letter!


August 28, 2012

Why High School?

High school was not really a part of school until the 1930s. Before that most Americans only completed eight years of school. Why was that and what changed it? Well, during the Great Depression, there were many communities that had little work to offer, and they figure that keeping teenagers in the classrooms would keep them out of the work force, thus reducing the competition for many adults who required higher pay than a teen would.

From Back to School Fun Facts

August 27, 2012

Knee deep in papers can only mean...

 -it's back to school time!  Each day this week we will have a back to school related blog post (yup, thats a full week of blog posts)!

I think I have forms on every flat surface of my house just waiting to either be turned in or filled out and then turned in or have money attached to them and then turned in.  And then there are the forms that have been lost in the shuffle.  Those I will get a note home the first week of school asking that they be turned in.  Or my kids won't be able to attend school because they aren't turned in.  (Not to self:  find the papers)

Some tips from NASP (National Association of School Psychology): (click here to read the full article)

Be sure your children are in good physical and mental health
Review all of the information sent home by the school.
Mark all important dates on your calendar and make arrangements in advance.
Make copies of all health and emergency information for reference.
Buy school supplies early and save receipts for items that you may need to return or exchange.
Re-establish the bedtime and mealtime routines a week before school starts.
Turn off the TV
Visit school with your child.
Designate and clear a place to do homework
Select a spot to keep backpacks and lunch boxes.
Freeze a few easy dinners.

August 13, 2012

Open House

It's still over a month away, but I know that things start to get busy about now if you have kids in school, so just wanted to put the date out there so you could mark it on your calendars!  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!