March 30, 2012

For the FREE TIME you have

Color Wheel Game via How About Orange

Just a little game to play with color, for ALL of the free time that we have!  :)

March 28, 2012

For the WOMAN, MOM, WIFE, AND FRIEND you are

I'm NOT super mom.  And, that's ok.  God never intended me to be.

Read this post from "The Better Mom": Being a 31 Woman

Loved this line: 
We are filled by God, through His word, through time in prayer, through just sitting at His feet and listening.  We are filled by His people who offer an encouraging word, lend a hand or a listening ear.

And, if you want to dig a little deeper... I found this great description of a Titus 2 Woman.

We have some great ladies and mothers in our group that would love to connect with and encourage you.  Because, let's face it, this mother stuff (and wife and friend and woman...) is HARD, sometimes we need to just hear an encouraging word!  Make sure to connect with Sue or Joyce at our next meeting!

March 27, 2012

For the TRAVELER you are...

Spring break is just around the corner, I realize some of you just don't even care, because you don't have school age kids, but some do.  Found this great resource on keeping Travel Organized and Easy, from Mom It Forward.

Or, do you want to make your Spring Break Service Oriented?  Great tips for that too!

Whatever you do next week, keep it safe and enjoy yourselves.  Prayers to all who are traveling!

March 26, 2012

Not her idea, but she executes so well!

Kathy may not get credit for these things, but I would say she did a fabulous job of implementing them in her own creative way!

I saw this on her blog the other day and just knew I had to share with you all.

Check this post out to find out what she does with these cards:
and while you are there, make sure you check out some of her fabulous party ideas, recipes and crafts!
Kathy is an M-LIFE attendee

March 23, 2012

For the MOM you are [Life Rules}

I found this over at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee - Life Rules.

Just simple rules that we all know, but sometimes I don't think our kids understand.  You can post it in a visible place in your home for a daily reminder!

I've taken the liberty of making you a photo that you can print...
I posted a 5x7 size at full resolution, so you should be able to just save image and either print it yourself, or send it off to be printed at a photo lab!


March 21, 2012

Seeking Stillness {in the LINKED word Wednesday}

Found on The Better Mother blog, written by Joy at Grace Full Mama

You have no time, you say? Your house is too crazy, your life too busy to carve out a few moments of quiet? Seeking stillness requires thought and diligence…you have to plan for it!

If you find it difficult to find a time for stillness with God in your day, make sure you check the above links out (specific article is from The Better Mother blog).

Make sure to read the comments too for some other GREAT ideas!

March 19, 2012

For the WOMAN you are

So, I found this here and thought it might be fun.  But it will only be fun IF you participate!

1. What is your go-to meal to fix? 
2. What piece of furniture in your home do you love the most?  
3. What is your favorite picture from last month {February}? 
4. What household chore do you dread doing? 
5. What was your first car? 
6. What is your favorite bible verse or favorite quote? 
7. Spring is coming.  What are you looking forward to most?
10. What's the last book you read? 

Answer these questions either on your blog (and then leave a link to the post in the comments section) or just in the comments below, only then I think you will maybe just have to describe number 3.

March 15, 2012

For the MOTHER & PLAYMATE you are

I'm SO bad at this... I have no imagination and dread playing anything that requires one, but my kids do have an imagination (think star wars, transformers, princesses, ninja's, baby animals etc).  I love it when Lila wants to pretend something and she says "How 'bout you be the mama?"  "OK baby, I can do that!"

Anyway, this is a good, encouraging read to inspire us to PLAY!

Choosing to Play

March 13, 2012

Housekeeping: Information you may find usefull

Mom's Night Out
Make sure to check out the Mom's Night Out at Annual Ambiance
You'll find all the necessary information in this post, along with a link to sign up!

Mark your calendars and sign up for the Grand Rapids Childrens Museum trip.
April 13 from 9:30-11:00
There is a discounted rate of $3.00 per person (both adults and children)
Children under the age of 1 are free.

If you haven't signed up to, or it's been a while, since you brought a breakfast dish, we would love it if you could help us out!

Final Meeting
May 4 will be our final M-LIFE meeting for the year, and were going to have a party with fun games and some great PRIZES!  Feel free to invite friends for a morning of fun!

March 12, 2012

For the CHRISTIAN WOMEN you are

Here is another one from A BLOG ABOUT LOVE:

The author is a mormon, but is very good about including everyone in her posts (believers and non-believers alike), there are a lot of interesting steps to being more spiritual.

Become your best self.
From the post: I believe EACH & EVERY ONE of you has the potential to become more spiritual / conscious / full of light, on any level you desire.  

March 10, 2012

For the HOUSEKEEPER you are

Does clutter bug you?  It bugs me, but sometimes I just don't know what to do with it.  I've tried giving everything a home... but there is still a pile of papers on my counter top that I just can't control.  Slowly but surely I think I'm getting better, but I still have a long way to go.

I just found a blog with a series of posts designated to just this thing...
Let me know if you find this helpful!

March 9, 2012

Potting Party Information

Moms Night March 20th 6:30pm– Potting Party

What kind of party is this you wonder?  It’s a party where you get to have a feel of Spring before it comes.  You’ll get to plant your Spring/Summer floral containers before anyone else does.
All you have to do is bring your empty flower containers, and be ready to play in the dirt (but just a little).  Annual Ambiance will have a variety of plants from which you will be able to design your creation; plants that are sun loving, prefer shade, or that enjoy a little bit of both.  They will also provide the soil for your containers, so no messy soil bags in your car.
No sense of creativity? No problem, Annual Ambiance can help you out with that too.  Come and enjoy an evening with friends and have some fun in the dirt.
Annual Ambiance will share their tricks for choosing the correct plants for your location, and to help keep your flowers great all season long.  Please come with questions, they want you to enjoy your creations all summer long.
The prices range from $.25 for the seed plants like impatiens, marigolds, and petunias.  $1.50 for vines.  $3.14-$3.59 for premium and Proven Winner plants.  $5.69-$7.00 for the large plants like grasses and coleus.  Annual Ambiance can work with any budget
M-life will have a light snacks and drinks. However, you’re welcome to bring your drinks of choose.
Hope to see you there.
Annual Ambiance
9173 New Holland St.
Zeeland, MI 49464

Mom, Christian, WIFE, Sister, Friend, Taxi Driver

We all carry lot's of titles.  
It's tiring sometimes. 
Sometimes we need encouragement.

So... that is what this blog needs to be.

I will try to bring you an encouraging link a few times per week.
Hopefully it will be something useful for you.
If it's not, just come back later and check out a different one.
Easy enough.
Oh, and if you DARE to leave a comment, that's great too.
Let me know your there and that I should continue!

Starting off today for the WIFE.

And, a few comments that I found interesting:

March 7, 2012

Media Diet {In the Word Wednesday} (From Good Morning Girls)

I am really struggling to keep up on this blog right now, much less In the Word Wednesdays.  But I do feel like they are important, and so I continue on, but this week I'm just linking you up.  I read a lot of Christian Blogs/Sites and come across a LOT of good reads in a week (I'll read one when I have a quick minute, then I'll hop to another one and read that one later... mostly on my phone, and I'm NOT going to type a blog post from my phone), so for now, this In the Word Wednesdays is turning to In The Word [Linked Up] Wednesday. 

The post was called "What's In Your Media Diet?"

I would love for you to leave a comment with the memory verse that you choose and maybe how you work on memorizing that (like do you post it somewhere???)!

March 5, 2012

Groove with Heather Winea

Did you enjoy the Groove Fitness class with Heather Winea at our January meeting?

Heather is going to be doing a few classes at Community Reformed coming up!

March 10, 17 & 24
9:00 AM
$4.00 per person
This class is for men and women of all ages!  No need to sign up, just drop in for one, two or all three classes!

Thank You

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Mom2Mom sale at Community this weekend, both buyers and sellers!  After talking to a few people, it seemed that it was a successful sale for everyone involved! 

Save your clothes, toys and other kid stuff, we can't wait to do it again next year!

March 4, 2012

RAK Winner

So many wonderful RAK's these past few weeks!  Thanks to everyone that participated!

Kristen, I'll be in touch soon!